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Acacia honey is completely organic honey obtained from the acacia flower. Pure and extremely powerful, Acacia is one of the top-quality kinds of honey and is also the most sought-after around the world. Acacia is known as “Phullayi ka shehad” phly”kh shhd” in Urdu and is consumed by both children and adults due to its healing and medicinal properties.  Acacia is characterized by having a very light color, almost transparent, and a very light texture; with a very neutral floral aroma. It is precisely its mild flavor, the reason why this honey is used as a natural sweetener in many cases.

Acacia Honey Benefits:

– Improves blood circulation:

used on many occasions to promote proper blood circulation. Specifically, it contributes to the production of red blood cells and platelets; which improves blood flow.

– Natural sweetener:

Thanks to Acacia for low glycemic index, Acacia can used in many cases as a natural sweetener. Thus, it is an ideal food for restrictive diets, diabetics, or people who do not want to take industrial sugars.

– Reduces constipation:

Acacia has numerous laxative properties, and through its consumption, it can contribute to the decrease of intestinal inflammations and the detoxification of the liver.

– Calming effect:

Helps combat multiple nervous and anxiety disorders; as well as stress or insomnia.

What are the More Benefits of Acacia Honey?

Antiviral & anti-bacterial
Shortens wound healing time
Sugar alternative for diabetics
Helps with acne & skin disorders
Anti-microbial & anti-inflammatory
Boosts immunity & treats infections
Helps with gastrointestinal disorders
Treats some respiratory illnesses and lung disorders
Easily digestible
Relieve in sore throat
Aids in weight loss
Low sucrose content
Regulates blood sugar
Low presence of pollen

Acacia Honey Price in Pakistan:

Acacia Honey price in Pakistan may vary because of quality but the best quality 100 % pure acacia price is about 1500 PKR.Find the best price in Acacia within Pakistan on the internet and purchase it from a variety of reliable online vendors on our site.

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